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Check Out These International Food Markets Near Your Octagon Apartment

April 15, 2021

Many of us haven’t stepped on an airplane or gone on our usual international getaways in a very long time. However, as any foodie knows, there’s another way to help fulfill your wanderlust – by cooking up meals inspired by your favorite destinations.

New York is an amazing multicultural area and the many international food markets in the area reflect that, offering cuisine from everywhere from China to Cuba. Check out these markets so you can find all the ingredients you need to create a meal from around the world right at home in your Octagon apartment.

Titan Foods, located at 2556 31st St, Queens which is 14 minutes from your Octagon apartment, offers an extensive selection of imported Greek fare, baked goods, cheeses, olive oil, newspapers and more.

Titan Foods is the largest retail Greek food and grocery store in North America and has been in business for more than 30 years. Their flagship store offers traditional Greek groceries, an olive bar and prepared meals. You can also shop Titan Foods online and they’ll deliver your favorite Greek products to your Octagon doorstep.

Kalustyan’s, located at 123 Lexington Ave, New York which is 16 minutes from your Octagon apartment, is a specialty market known for Indian and Mideastern spices, teas and other global food items, plus a cafe.

Kalustyan’s has been a staple of the community for almost 80 years, adding more and more items to its shelves every single year. As its inventory has grown, so has the list of countries that it sources from, so you can find a huge array of products here. Both professional chefs and home cooks alike enjoy shopping at Kalustyan’s.

Titan Foods

2556 31st St, Queens, NY 11102

(718) 626-7771


123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

(212) 685-3451

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