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Explore the Outdoors of Roosevelt Island: 5 Things to Do

August 22, 2023

As the summer weather cools off and you’re looking for ways to enjoy your time on Roosevelt Island, here are ways to spend time outside. From Tramway adventures to strolls on the Roosevelt Island Promenade. Here are five ways to explore the outdoors on Roosevelt Island.

Lighthouse Park Exploration

At the island’s northern tip stands the historic Blackwell Island Lighthouse, a testament to past eras. Here, visitors can explore intricate pathways surrounded by native flora, relax on green expanses, and be captivated by panoramic views of the East River. The lighthouse, with its distinct Gothic style, serves as a perfect backdrop for photographers and history enthusiasts alike. Learn more about the Blackwell Island Lighthouse.

Southpoint Park Strolls

Set on the southern edge, Southpoint Park offers a respite from urban hustle. Amidst the lush greens, the hauntingly beautiful ruins of the Smallpox Hospital stand as a reminder of times gone by. With expansive lawns and a direct sightline to Manhattan’s skyline, it’s an ideal place for sunbathing, picnics, or simply watching the mesmerizing sunset over the city. Learn more about Southpoint Park.

Tramway Adventure

Elevate your Roosevelt Island experience with the iconic aerial tramway. Floating above the East River, passengers are treated to unmatched vistas of Manhattan, Queens, and beyond. It’s not just a mode of transport but an aerial journey, offering breathtaking views, particularly during the golden hours when the city seems to glow with a magical hue. Learn more about the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

Roosevelt Island Promenade

This riverside promenade promises a serene escape right in the heart of the city. As you walk or cycle along the pathway, you’re enveloped by gentle breezes and inspiring views of New York City bridges. With numerous benches lining the path, there’s always a spot to pause, reflect, and absorb the rhythmic sounds of the flowing river. Learn more about the East and West Promenades on Roosevelt Island.

Kayaking the East River

Dive deeper into Roosevelt Island’s aquatic allure by kayaking on the East River. As you paddle, the city’s towering silhouette contrasts beautifully with the water’s fluidity. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a beginner, the experience of maneuvering through the river’s waves, spotting marine birds, and witnessing the city from a water-level perspective is truly unforgettable. Learn more about how to kayak near Roosevelt Island.

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