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Fit For Fall: Local Gyms Near The Octagon

September 19, 2022

Looking for a place that fits your fitness journey? Here are three very different gyms to check out near The Octagon.

New York Sports Club 

Located at 76th and 1st streets, New York Sports Club is a great gym, especially if you are interested in taking personal training or other fitness classes. Work with a trainer to specify your fitness goals and routines and one of NYSC’s incredible trainers will build a plan to get you there. Somewhere between a larger gym and training center, this is a gym for just about every level of fitness training. Learn more about New York Sports Club.

Powerhouse Gym

How about a place where everyone knows your name? No, not Cheers! We’re talking about Powerhouse Gym. Recognized by the hardcore fitness buffs (no pun intended), Powerhouse is one of the most well equipped gyms in NYC with especially squat and deadlift bars, and a lot of the best machines and equipment most have ever seen. Even better, the owner knows most regulars by name so there is a sense of community here too. Learn more about Powerhouse Gym.

CrossFit NYC

If you don’t call it a gym and instead refer to the place you work out as simply, “this box,” then CrossFit NYC is the right place for you. This box is highly recommended especially if you are new to NYC. Why? Because many CrossFit “boxes” have something the larger gym’s don’t — a community of weight lifters, models and athletes who interact in the gym and on social media, supporting each other on their fitness journeys. Learn more about CrossFit NYC’s locations.

The Octagon’s Gym and Yoga Studio

Of course, if you would rather not leave Roosevelt Island or even The Octagon, we’ve got you covered! The Octagon’s fully stocked gym is a favorite for residents who want that daily sweat. If it’s more of a stretch you’re looking for, our Yoga Studio is the perfect place to spend an hour or two rejuvenating.

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