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Get Cookin’ At Your Octagon Apartment With These Local Grocery Stores

April 21, 2020

Yup, you know it’s true – your Octagon kitchen doesn’t get nearly enough use with all of the amazing restaurants we have nearby! However, now is the time to get cooking and sharpen up those chef skills.

If you want to get those creative juices flowing and cook up an amazing meal, first, order online or visit these local grocery stores so you can get everything you need to create a dinner you’ll be dreaming about all day.

Green Gourmet, located at 1368 York Ave, New York which is 15 minutes from your Octagon apartment, is a grocery store with organic produce and dry goods plus coffee, hot prepared foods and deli sandwiches.

Whether you’re craving a quick bite or looking to treat yourself to a delicious meal, you can now order your Green Gourmet favorites for takeout or delivery. They’re also known for their extremely quick delivery so you can even get items such as burgers, sushi, smoothies and vegetarian fare lightning-fast!

Grace’s Marketplace, located at 1299 2nd Ave, New York which is 15 minutes from your Octagon apartment, is an upscale market carrying prepared meals, meat, cheese, produce, fresh flowers and specialty foods.

Grace’s Marketplace is a neighborhood landmark, dedicated to providing premium quality gourmet foods and exceptional customer service for serious foodies. They carry an extensive variety of globally sourced gourmet products and stock many hard-to-find items. They have become the “go-to” location to find top quality epicurean delights; the freshest, seasonal produce; prime quality meats, same-day seafood and a huge selection of delicious prepared foods. 

Green Gourmet

1368 York Ave, New York, NY 10021

(212) 879-4600

Grace’s Marketplace

1299 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10065

(212) 737-0600

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