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Get Ready For Winter Sports Season at These Local Stores

December 28, 2020

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up inside your Octagon apartment – you can get a workout in and spend some time outdoors by hitting the slopes with skis or a snowboard.

If your skiing and snowboarding gear need an upgrade for the 2020 winter sports season, check out these sports stores near your Octagon apartment to find everything including boots, coats, skis, snowboards, hats, gloves and more. Or, add items from these stores to your holiday shopping list!

Bomber Ski, located at 538 Madison Ave, New York which is 16 minutes from your Octagon apartment, is a luxury ski boutique offering handcrafted skis, poles and other accessories.

Every Bomber ski is individually handcrafted by the finest alpine artisans in the world. Their team of passionate craftsmen control every step of production from their factory outside Cossato, Italy. There, they infuse the finest quality materials to engineer perfection on the slopes, including an all-wood core, pre-bonded ABS sidewall, traditional camber and carbon steel finish.

Paragon Sports, located at 867 Broadway, New York which is 18 minutes from your Octagon apartment, is a sports store selling equipment and clothing for athletic activities ranging from baseball to yoga.

For sports enthusiasts around the world, Paragon Sports is considered the benchmark of quality for all types of sports equipment and clothing. Family-owned since 1908, they have taken pride in showcasing products from the brands you know and love as well as unique and exceptional brands that you may not be familiar with yet. They are committed to bringing you the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the sports and outdoor field.

Bomber Ski

538 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

(212) 980-2442

Paragon Sports

867 Broadway, New York, NY 100031

(212) 255-8889

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