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Where to Find the Best Sledding on Roosevelt Island and in NYC

December 19, 2022

Looking for sledding spots on Roosevelt Island and around NYC for the next snow day? We’ve got you covered!

Roosevelt Island

If you’re looking for a great sledding spot on Roosevelt Island, stop by Cornell Tech Campus Hills at mid-island and enjoy the slopes with a view of Queensboro Bridge. It’s one of the most popular sledding hills on the island so you’ll see a lot of friendly faces here.

Pilgrim Hill, Central Park

If you’re looking for the most essential sledding hill in all of Central Park, look no further than Pilgrim Hill? One of the most popular and biggest sledding spots in NYC, you’ll see lots of New Yorkers here enjoying the slopes and playing in the snow anytime the weather calls for it.

The easiest way to access Pilgrim Hill is by way of 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Learn more about Central Park’s Pilgrim Hill.

Cedar Hill, Central Park

If you’ve been to Pilgrim Hill, then you’ve got to check out its rival Cedar Hill. Noted as the gentler alternative to Pilgrim Hill, Cedar Hill is a quieter spot than Pilgrim and it’s perfect for younger kids who are just getting used to sledding. Cedar Hill is best accessed between 76th and 79th streets. Learn more about Central Park, Cedar Hill.

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