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Why We Love Living on Roosevelt Island

January 25, 2023

Why do so many New Yorkers love living on Roosevelt Island? Offering a quieter side of NYC with the green space of a European suburb, here are three reasons why we love living on Roosevelt Island.

Access to All Of NYC

When you live on Roosevelt Island at The Octagon, you have access to all that New York City has to offer and it’s easy to get there. Set between Manhattan and Brooklyn, it’s easy to travel to NYC from Roosevelt Island via driving, tram, subway, bus or ferry, which is why so many who work in Manhattan and Brooklyn choose to live on Roosevelt Island. But what is it about the lifestyle that attracts residents to Roosevelt Island? Learn more about Roosevelt Island’s transportation options.

Quieter Side of NYC

Roosevelt Island is well regarded as the quieter side of NYC. You won’t hear nearly as many car horns throughout the day as you might in the more densely populated parts of the city, and there’s a sense of community so that quiet is something of a vibe for Roosevelt Islanders.

A LOT of Green Space

Roosevelt Island is also filled with a LOT of green space, which is perfect for the warmer months when the parks host events. In particular, summer movie nights are very popular and even crowded because who doesn’t want to watch an oldie but goodie with a view of the NYC skyline? Learn more about Roosevelt Island Parks.

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